Modern Runtime System and Compiler Design Book (Luc Bläser)

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Compiler Project Templates

Here, you find the program code templates of the compiler project that accompanies the book. Please refer to the project instructions in the book to use the templates.


  • Java Development Kit 13
  • Eclipse of IntelliJ IDE recommended
  • Intel 64 compatible processor (for JIT-compiled code)
  • Windows, Linux, or MacOS (for JIT-compiled code)

Template 1: Lexer (Chapter 4)

Template 2: Parser (Chapter 5)

Template 3: Semantic Checker (Chapter 6)

Template 4: Code Generator (Chapter 7)

Template 5: Virtual Machine & Interpreter (Chapter 9)

Template 6: Object-Oriented Runtime Support (Chapter 10)

Template 7: Inheritance & Type Polymorphism (Chapter 11)

Template 8: Garbage Collection (Chapter 12)

Template 9: Just-In-Time Compiler (Chapter 13)

  • 9_JIT (zip, 21KB) (template, tests, including native libraries for Windows, Linux, and MacOS)

See the legal disclaimer for the license and terms of use.